FP&C Consultants KC, LLC


As it says on the home page of this website, FP&C Consultants, Inc. is a corporation and a culture of PEOPLE, working with a comprehensive PURPOSE and in doing so, taking great PRIDE in the work we do.

A career at FP&C Consultants provides a unique opportunity to work on challenging and ambitious projects throughout the world.

It is a great place to learn from our exceptionally knowledgeable and qualified professionals as well as to share your knowledge and experience. Our remarkably motivated team members take pride in every project whether large or small.

FP&C Consultants is located in a beautiful suite of offices which promotes inspiration and motivation as well as provides the tools in order to design and develop.

Our comprehensive library allows us to provide for the most extensive and accurate code consulting in the industry. It is an excellent atmosphere to utilize your talent to make a difference.

It’s gratifying to come to work every day because being a part of FP&C Consultants gives you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that our work here saves lives out there.

Our commitment to superior knowledge and superior service has contributed to the growth of our business and the success of our employees both personally and professionally.

Balance of Work and Play

The FP&C Consultants employees view themselves as more than just co-workers which creates a casual and playful environment. It is quite common for social gathering to occur outside the office after work and on weekends.

Lasting friendships are made. We’ve seen friends get married, celebrated milestone birthdays, welcomed new babies into the world and seen first time homeowners purchase their dream home.

FP&C Consultants values hard work while at the office and equally values spending quality time with family and friends after office hours. Employees are expected to utilize their vacation time in order to enjoy their family and the successful lives they’ve created through hard work at this rewarding company.


Inclusive atmosphere

At FP&C Consultants, you will enjoy a diverse group of people creating a dynamic wealth of experiences. Men and women excel in all of our departments and we span several generations providing an experienced and well-balanced environment. FP&C Consultants prides itself on the fact that we work well as a team and reap the benefits of success as a team.



If you are seeking a challenging and rewarding career in a supportive atmosphere that fosters both personal and professional growth, consider joining FP&C Consultants’ team. Take a minute to review our current positions to be filled. If you don’t see the one you qualify for…don’t give up. If you’re the right person with the right experiences and the right skills for FP&C Consultants, we may be able to create a job for you. We’re growing quickly! So don’t be shy, get in touch.



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